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Restocking, Reviving, & Staying Home

When we closed the Jeni Mack store on Lower Johnson last December, we were sad to lose our walk-in traffic, making new friends every day, our beautiful shop and the brands we carried, and our sweet, sweet LoJo neighbors. We were, however, excited to streamline, be a little more agile, cut down on costs, and have the space to be more creative. Jeni Mack went from being a team of one, to a team of ten, back down to a team of two.

The plan is to sell online, and hit up a few of the big makers markets. We think it's a good plan. However, we ran into delays in manufacturing right away, and then COVID-19 hit. So we are a bit in limbo, but we have managed to get an order of our beloved Kermode Hoodies ready to go online tonight at 6pm.

These are strange times, and it's been difficult navigating staying home, working, manufacturing, selling, shipping. Just like all the small businesses out there, we are doing our best, planning for the future, and trying to stay positive. It has been amazing to watch all of the small businesses, artists, and makers who we love so much rise to the occasion and make this work. We are so thankful for our Health Care workers, Dr. Henry, our frontline workers, and our support networks.

My name is Caitlyn, by the way. I am person #2 in this operation. Our paths may have crossed when I was working in the store. If you are contacting us, you're probably talking to me. Jeni is busy making things and growing things and generally being a badass. Together we are bringing cozy, flattering, west coast vibin' clothing to the world.

If you're not already, be sure to follow us on Instagram (@jenimack) for the very most up-to-date news. And- don't forget! Hoodies tonight at 6pm!!

Thank you for being with us on this journey. We're so glad you're here!

Stay tuned!

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