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Heal your Digestion

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

In April the Jeni Mack team hosted Sisley Killam ( and Meghan De Jong (, with special guest Heidi Bauman ( in a community-focused workshop surrounding the topic of healthy digestion. The girls supplied healthy snacks and we took part in bubbly and fun conversation about how to heal our digestive system from the inside out. Topics included solutions, such as probiotics, fermented foods, eating for gut health, mindfulness and meditation. It was a full house and the vibes were amazing!

This workshop was unique in that Sisley, Meghan, and Heidi used a group conversation format, rather than a lecture format, so all the participants felt valued, included, and engaged. Everyone sat in a circle on the floor, and the evening began with a short meditation led by Heidi, targeted at the gut to bring feeling, awareness, and thought to that area of the body. Heidi then gave a short talk about mindfulness in terms of eating and showing more love to your digestive system. This was a really interesting and eye-opening conversation that made us think about our attitudes towards our digestive systems.

Sisley & Meghan then opened up a conversation of their own experiences, both personally and as holistic nutritionists. It was amazing learning all the potential ways our gut health can be thrown off and conversely the ways in which it can be helped. We learned about foods, natural remedies, products, and exercises to optimize our digestive systems. We also discussed the mental aspect of gut health and how to eat mindfully and without guilt. We all had some interesting takeaways that have been incorporated into our routines and are super glad that we did!

We can’t wait to host more fascinating workshops such as this one in our beautiful, flexible space!

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