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Hands On Pottery

We are so thrilled to be carrying Hands on Pottery mugs at our shop. They are by far the most local thing we have, as they are made only a ten-minute walk from our store. Hands on Pottery delivers handmade, unique, one of a kind mugs, ours are specifically inspired by mountain ranges.

Not only do our staff love the mugs but they draw people in off the street who are in awe of their west coast charm. With a selection of sizes, they cater to all levels of caffeine addicts. They’re a great gift for someone out of town, a keepsake from your trip to Victoria, or an artsy addition to a local’s cupboards.

Hands on Pottery is a fantastic local business which allows artists the space to create and build skills, as well as offers first timers a collaborative learning environment. We always love seeing what they come up with and what we get to carry at the store!

For more information you can look at their website

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