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Candles from the Coast

Updated: Oct 31, 2018

Rainwater Soap and Candle co. is a favourite among our customers and staff. Hand crafted in Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, Rainwater has mastered a variety of scents for both their candles and soaps.

Deidre began with making soap with her family before she made the jump to Ucluelet and created Rainwater. All of her items are natural and include rain water collected from the 11ft that Ucluelet receives every year.

The scents are entrancing. Some of our favourites include cedar lavender, sandalwood, ocean breeze, and citrus balsam. Unlike most commercial soaps and candles, Rainwater doesn’t use overpowering artificial additives to get the scents.

One of our favourite tricks here at Jeni Mack, is to use the melted wax from the candles as a cream, especially during those cold winter months. Not only is it moisturizing for the skin, but the scent sticks with you and acts as a great perfume.

For more information you can look at their website:

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