Jeni Mack is run by a two-woman team (and a whole beautiful, supportive community) based in beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada. We pour a whole lot of love and good vibes into each and every order we receive. Over the last ten+ years, Jeni Mack has become a recognizable West Coast lifestyle staple and a part of the Vancouver Island uniform. Loved by locals and tourists alike, Jeni Mack is committed to sharing our West Coast vibes and cozy staples with the world. Thank you for being on this journey with us. Scroll down to learn more about our fearless leader, Jeni!


Jeni Christie, the woman behind the brand, is a human of many many talents. From a career in Forestry to an accomplished Search and Rescue volunteer, to raising a family and still getting out there to explore the wilderness, there is nothing out of her reach.   

To learn all about Jeni and the Jeni Mack brand, watch Force of Nature: The Jeni Mack Story below: